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Welcome to Toquerville City's Parks Department, your gateway to outdoor enjoyment in our picturesque city. With three beautiful parks to explore, there's no shortage of green spaces, scenic views, and recreational opportunities for everyone.

Experience the beauty of Toquerville's weather, from sunny days perfect for picnics to cooler evenings ideal for outdoor activities. Our location brings occasional strong winds, adding a touch of adventure to outdoor activities but rain and snowfall is sparse, keeping our parks inviting year-round.

Join us in embracing the outdoors, where every day is a chance to create lasting memories and enjoy the natural beauty of Toquerville City!

Toquerville City Parks & Facilities 


City parks are open to the public, including residents and visitors. However, they may be reserved for private use, which would temporarily limit public access during that time.

Renting City Facilities


Looking for a charming venue in Toquerville? Our Old Town Hall is a versatile space perfect for hosting a variety of events, from parties and showers to meetings and more! With a cozy stage, optional sound system with a microphone for rent, and convenient restroom access, it's an ideal setting for your next gathering. Let the historic charm of the Old Town Hall enhance your event experience!

Looking to rent an outdoor space? Explore the possibilities at our Center Street Park! Gather under the pavilion for a lively get-together or special event. The park also offers a baseball field (ideal for tournaments!) and a pickleball court for some friendly competition. Mix and match these fantastic facilities to create your ultimate outdoor experience!

See our Uniform Fee Schedule for rental rates. 

Fill out a reservation application here.

Tree City 


For twelve consecutive years, Toquerville has proudly held the distinction of being recognized as a Tree City USA Community by the Arbor Day Foundation. This recognition not only signifies the beauty of our neighborhoods adorned with trees but also highlights the environmental and health benefits they bring to our residents.

From Tree City USA: 

Cooler temperatures. Cleaner air. Higher property values. Healthier residents. The advantages trees offer urban environments are vast — and as a Tree City USA, our community reaps these benefits firsthand. The Tree City USA program offers communities a structured approach to maintaining and expanding their tree canopy. It also provides an opportunity to showcase their dedication to environmental stewardship to residents, visitors, and the nation.

A thriving urban forest brings numerous benefits to our community:

  • Trees reduce urban noise pollution by up to 40%.
  • Areas with trees are noticeably cooler, often by seven to nine degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Energy costs can decrease by up to 25% due to tree shading and windbreaks.
  • Properties with trees tend to have higher values.
  • Green spaces contribute significantly to mental and physical well-being.
  • Tree planting and maintenance help mitigate climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Join us in celebrating our commitment to trees and the positive impact they have on Toquerville City!

More information can be found here.

Park Maintenance 


The Parks and Cemetery Division, under the supervision of the Public Works Director, is dedicated to maintaining the beauty and functionality of the parks, city building grounds, and recreational facilities. They take pride in ensuring that every aspect of the outdoor spaces is well-kept and inviting for residents and visitors alike, with a focus on preserving the facilities for long-term use. Additionally, they are responsible for preparing the baseball field for reservations or tournaments, enhancing the recreational offerings of the city.