Chief Toquer Reservoir

The Chief Toquer Reservoir is an upcoming significant infrastructure project in Washington County, Utah, aimed at enhancing the region's water resources. Here are the key details based on the latest update:


Project Overview

  • Location: Near Toquerville, off I-15 near the Toquerville interchange.
  • Timeline: Scheduled for completion in 2026.
  • Reservoir Size: 115 acres.
  • Water Capacity: Up to 3,725 acre-feet.

Construction Details

  • Foundation Work: Currently in Phase 1, which includes digging a 1,200-foot-long trench for the dam foundation.
  • Connection to Ash Creek Project: Part of a larger initiative, the Ash Creek Project, which features an 18.8-mile pipeline linking to the Ash Creek Reservoir near New Harmony.
  • Water Sources: Will collect surface water from Pine Valley.

More information coming soon! For questions, please email info [at] () or call the Toquerville City Office at 435-635-1094.

Toquer Resevoir


  • Water Supply: Provides a new source of water for residents and agriculture in southern Utah's Washington County.
  • Irrigation and Conservation: Enhances water storage and management capabilities for the region.

Key Stakeholders

  • Federal, State, and Local Officials: Involved in the planning and announcement of the project.
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation: Plays a crucial role in the project's development and funding.

The Chief Toquer Reservoir is expected to significantly bolster water resources, supporting the growing needs of the community while also enhancing recreational opportunities once completed.


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 For questions, please email info [at] () or call the Toquerville City Office at 435-635-1094.