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Toquerville - It's The People

Vision of Our City.

Toquerville is a friendly, beautiful, well-planned and economically sound community with small-town charm, and is one of Utah’s safest and most livable cities.


New Engine Brake Restrictions within our City

We were able to post signs on State Route 17, our Toquerville Boulevard, restricting the use of engine brakes inside City limits. This is in an effort to curb the noise that some engine brakes make, and may encourage large trucks to go slower in areas with homes.

The City would like to thank Utah Division of Transportation for posting our signs for us.


Dark Sky! What it means and how to do it!

We have a beautiful night sky here in Toquerville Its one of the first things I noticed when I moved here from a big City. Due to citizen's initiative back in 2007 the City passed an ordinance setting parameters for exterior lighting that would help to preserve our view of the stars. That is now Chapter 18 of the Land Management Code Book found on this website under City Government.

Because it's expensive to change lighting systems, a concerned citizen gave the City Council information on a great new way for everyone to get involved that wouldn't require rewiring.

New light bulbs are available that can have features such as adjustable shielding for down-lighting. They can be incandescent or fluorescent.

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  Community Clean-up Dumpsters

Toquerville UT
Last Update: 6:35am Oct 25, 2014
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Views of Toquerville

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Toquerville Heights Reminder!!


Summer rate for the Heights ended October 1st. You will be billed the minimum for 10,000 this month.



Irrigation restrictions lift October 1st!

Dear TSWS User,

Watering restrictions will end on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

The Water Report sent for 2014

Note: The reports sent to and received by the State are always on the previous year's findings. The City regularly tests the water every week, and in various places throughout Town.

Secondary Irrigation Water Users!

The WCWCD would like your email!