City of Toquerville
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2014 Resolutions 

RES.2014.14 Policy Manual amendment -Employee On-Call

RES.2014.13 Mylar Recordation Policy to County

RES.2014.12 Consolidated Uniform Fee Schedule (Admin and Land Use combined

RES.2014.11 Admin Fees - Building Code fees Referenced

RES.2014.10 Amended Budget -balance accounts FY 2013-2014

RES.2014.09 Admin Fees - Hydrant rate increase

RES.2014.08 Project Budget Fiscal Yr 2014-15

RES.2014.07 Amended Budget Fiscal Yr 2013-14

RES.2014.06 Compensation Schedule - Mayor w/ Sunset Clause

RES.2014.05 Expressing Support for a County Gas Tax

RES.2014.04 Policies & Procedure amended - Procurements

RES.2014.03 Southwest Mosquito Abatement Board Appt

RES.2014.02 Washington Co. Solid Waste Board Appt

RES.2014.01 Admin Fees – Solid Waste Fee and Parks wording Clarification

2013 Resolutions 

RES.2013.15 Admin Fee Schedule. Water Meter fee adjustments

RES.2013.14 Cancelling Election due to lack of Candidates

ES.2013.13 Easement Agreement with Washington County for work in LaVerkin Creek

RES.2013.12 Proclamation Honoring Veterans on August 22, 2013

RES.2013.11 Land Use Fees - Building fees and Impacts removed.

RES.2013.10 Admin Fee Adjustments for Sewer, Building Inspections, Cemetery open/close, Park & City Hall Reservations

RES.2013.09 Projected Budget for Fiscal Yr 2013-2014

RES.2013.08 Amending Budget Fiscal Yr 2012-2013

RES.2013.07 Arbor Day Proclamation Update

RES.2013.06 To Show Support of USA Constitution 2nd Amendment

RES.2013.05 Cable Franchise Agrmt with TDS Baja

RES.2013.04 Final Bond For Water Project 2013

RES.2013.03 Parameters Bond for Water Project

RES.2013.02 Southwest Mosquito Abatement Board Appointment

RES.2013.01 Wash Co Special Serv. Dist. (Solid Waste) Board Appt.