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The Climate

General Information About the Climate

Toquerville is located in the upper reaches of the Mohave desert and has a typical "high desert" climate. Summers are hot and dry, with daytime temperatures reaching 105 degrees, cooling to about 65 to 70 degrees at night. Winters are considered mild, with night time temperatures averaging about 30 degrees, occasionally dipping to the teens, and days in the upper 50's to 60's.


150th Celebration

Celebration of 150 Years

Toquerville turned 150 years old in 2008, so we celebrated!
(See news letter below).


Recommended Trees for Our Area


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Toquerville UT
Last Update: 8:04pm Apr 19, 2014
Mostly Sunny, Probability Of Precipitation: 30%Tomorrow: Mostly Sunny
84°F | 52°F
PoP 30%
Partly SunnyMonday: Partly Sunny
88°F | 52°F
Current Conditions at Saint George (awos), UT:
The most current observation is more than 15754 hours old, please try again later.

Views of Toquerville

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Problem with the Irrigation pump! 4-17-14

Hi TSWS users:

A TSWS engine that drives the pump is not functional at the current time.  We are actively trying to resolve the issues with it.  We hope to have it up and running by this afternoon.  I just wanted to let you know in case you would like to send out a notice.  People will be without water until we can resolve this issue.

Notices will be sent out as more information is available.

TSWS Board

The Water Report sent for 2014

Note: The reports sent to and received by the State are always on the previous year's findings. The City regularly tests the water every week, and in various places throughout Town.

Your Toquerville Calenders are now on sale!

The 2014 Beauty of Toquerville calendars are now on sale for just $5.00!  The proceeds are earmarked for Miss Toquerville Royalty expenses and the Scholarship fund. This is a worthy cause!  Get yours at the city offices.

Thank you for your support!!

Secondary Irrigation Water Users!

The WCWCD would like your email!