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Toquerville Trails Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot 2013 Results

"Thank You!" to all who participated and helped with our 9th Annual Toquerville Trails Turkey Trot!

The Results Are Available Now!   Click HERE!


Results of the 2012 Toquerville Trails Turkey Trot

The Results of the 2012 Toquerville Trail Turkey Trot:


Toquerville Trails Turkey Trot

The Toquerville Trails Turkey Trot is held annually on Thanksgiving morning.  It starts and finishes at the City Park.  It is a trail run that includes lots of rocky and sandy terrain.  It has become quite popular over the years with many people finding it a great way to start a day full of family activities. You must sign an entry form to participate.  Come join us for the festivities!

Entry forms with more info can be found HERE.

Map of short course can be found HERE.

Map of the long course can be found HERE.

Note that the maps show a slightly longer distance, that is simply due to the method of mapping.


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Toquerville Heights Reminder!!


Summer rate for the Heights ended October 1st. You will be billed the minimum for 10,000 this month.



Irrigation restrictions lift October 1st!

Dear TSWS User,

Watering restrictions will end on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

The Water Report sent for 2014

Note: The reports sent to and received by the State are always on the previous year's findings. The City regularly tests the water every week, and in various places throughout Town.

Secondary Irrigation Water Users!

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