2016 TQ NEWS

 Hello, TQ Residents.


 We hope that 2016 has already been a wonderful year for you. 


Here at the Toquerville City Office, we’ve had a terrific start to the New Year and have some exciting news to share with you!


1.       City Council Members

2.       Planning Commission Members

3.       Mayor’s Scholarship Winner

4.       Attending Public Meetings (How to add  yourself to the Meeting Agenda)


The City Council Members are:                                                                 What Department do they oversee?

·         Darrin LeFevre  - Mayor                                                                                Fire District/Sewer District

·         Mark Fahrenkamp  - Mayor ProTem                                                                 Park Maintenance/Park Committee/Risk

                     Management/Trails Committee

·         Paul Heideman                                                                                            Sewer District/Culture and Recreation/Confluence Park

·         Keen Ellsworth                                                                                            Economic Development/Subdivisions/Planning

                    Commission Oversight/Mosquito Abatement

·         Brad Langston                                                                                            Solid Waste/Tree Board/Cemetery/City Hall

                    Maintenance/Beautification Committee

·         Ty Bringhurst                                                                                             Water Department/Streets/MPO/Emergency

                    Preparedness/Safety Committee

 The Planning Commission Members are:

·         Dave Hawkins – Chair

·         Jerome Gourley

·         Mike Ruesch – Chair ProTem

·         Alex Chamberlain

·         Alternate – TBD


CONGRATULATIONS to Charity Ebert!  She was the winning candidate for the $15,000.00 Mayor’s Scholarship (donated by Stevens’ Henager College).  The $25,000.00 scholarship is still available.  GET YOUR APPLICATION IN NOW!  It’s easy to do….just simply write a letter to the Mayor stating why you think you’d be a great candidate for the scholarship win.  Drop off letter at the City Office. 

Attending Public Meetings

Do you have something you’d like to address with the City Council or Planning Commission?  Have you ever wondered “How do I get myself added to the Agenda?”  If so, be sure to submit your request, in writing, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or drop it off at the City Office), ten days prior to the meeting.   This will ensure that you are added to the Agenda!



Happy 2016 from the Toquerville City Office.

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