Final City Council Election Results!

Final Vote Totals:

  • Ty Bringhurst 126
  • Daren K. Cottam 136
  • Paul Heideman 154
  • Anita Lowe 66
  • Lynn Olds 126

The tie between Ty Bringhurst and Lynn Olds was determined by a coin toss. Lynn asked Ty to call it. Ty called heads for the win as Mayor Darrin LeFevre flipped a shiny $1.00 coin. Paul Heideman viewed the lay of the coin and declared it Heads. Council Certified the election results unanimously. The new sitting Council as of January 1, 2012:

  • Ty Bringhurst
  • Daren K. Cottam
  • Paul Heideman

Thanks for good will and cooperation of all involved.

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