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Dark Sky! What it means and how to do it!

3 years ago

We have a beautiful night sky here in Toquerville Its one of the first things I noticed when I moved here from a big City. Due to citizen's initiative back in 2007 the City passed an ordinance setting parameters for exterior lighting that would help to preserve our view of the stars. That is now Chapter 18 of the Land Management Code Book found on this website under City Government.

Because it's expensive to change lighting systems, a concerned citizen gave the City Council information on a great new way for everyone to get involved that wouldn't require rewiring.

New light bulbs are available that can have features such as adjustable shielding for down-lighting. They can be incandescent or fluorescent.

The City Council would like to give the citizens of Toquerville this information with the hope that it would be helpful.

Because the Council doesn't wish to show favoritism to any one company we would encourage you to simply use your favorite search engine on the internet. Type in Universal Dark Sky Bulb, and review the various places you can purchase these bulbs.

Thank you,

Renee Garner, City Recorder

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