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Christmas Lighting Contest Winners Announced

The Christmas Lighting judges canvassed the town looking for the best lighting displays in the city and have announced the winners, listed below. Drive by and check out these winning displays!  Thanks to all those who decorate their homes and yards to bring a festive spirit to the city. 1st Place - Ryan Stout located at 41 W Willow Ln.

View Deseret News Video about Toquerville Homes

Toquerville's Historic Home Sweet Homes Click to view video HERE .

Dark Sky! What it means and how to do it!

We have a beautiful night sky here in Toquerville Its one of the first things I noticed when I moved here from a big City. Due to citizen's initiative back in 2007 the City passed an ordinance setting parameters for exterior lighting that would help to preserve our view of the stars. That is now Chapter 18 of the Land Management Code Book found on this website under City Government.

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